Meethaq Hafawa
Visa Signature Credit Card

Exclusive privileges, only for a discerning few

Welcome to the exclusive world of Meethaq Hafawa Visa Signature Credit Card, designed exclusively for Hafawa priority banking customers. Enjoy some of the most exclusive shopping, dining out or traveling offers, benefits and much more, created with your very exclusive needs in mind and true to your values. With a Shariah-compliant concept of Ujrah and credit limit based on Qardh al Hasan, your card bears no profit-based fee.


For both Omanis & Residents:

  • Minimum salary or savings of OMR 1000 and a minimum or a fixed deposit with Meethaq*
  • Minimum service period of 3 months*

*Conditions Apply​

Documents Required:
  • Application Form
  • National ID for Omanis and Passport & Resident Card for Residents.
  • Salary Certificate or if the customer has an existing Fixed Deposit with the Bank​.

Key terms & conditions:
  • Subscription & Annual Fee: The subscription fee is the membership fee that is taken when the Card is first given to the customer and the annual fee is the fee taken every year for the renewal of your membership.
  • The grace period (Up to 52 days): The period that the bank gives the customer to re-pay the outstanding balance on the Credit Card without charging any fees.
  • Minimum Amount: The minimum amount you are required to pay on or before the payment due date to not be charged Ujrah and late payment fees.
  • Ujrah Fees: If you pay less than your full outstanding balance on the payment due date, a fixed Ujrah fees is applied. The Ujrah fees depends o​​n the card type.
  • Late Payment Fee: Late payment fees of 1% p.a. of the outstanding amount is charged when the minimum payment due has not been paid. 
  • Cash Advance/withdrawal: means cash withdrawal from any Card limit/account at any of the designated branches of The Bank, or participating branches of Member Banks or designated ATMs. Cash Advance Fee is charged on every cash withdrawal transaction from any ATM.
  • Card Replacement Fee will be charged when the c​ustomer requests a replacement for the credit card.
  • Foreign Exchange Conversion Fee is applied to the amount of each transaction when customers use their Cards internationally.​

Meethaq Hafawa
Visa Signature Credit Card

Shopping & Dining

​The Largest Premium Dining Discount & Rewards Program with over 75 Premium Restaurants offering discounts every time you spend. Unlimited usage with discounts upfront and Reward Points equivalent to the discount.​

Meethaq Hafawa
Visa Signature Credit Card

Complimentary* Lounge Access to 1,000 Premium Lounges around the world
  • ​To view all available lounges, cardholders should either visit (click here) or download the Lounge Key smartphone app. Lounges are subject to change.
  • One guest can accompany cardholder in Prime Class Lounge at Muscat and Duqm Airport free of cost. For all other lounges, the free access is for the cardholders only.
  • The access to the lounges are free, however you need to do atleast 1 international transaction of USD 1/ year to avail the lounges. To know more, kindly click here.
  • Kindly note spend may take up to 15 days to register with LoungeKey for the customer to be able to access the lounge as a complimentary visit.
  • Complimentary access is for the cardholder onl​y. A charge of US$32 per guest per visit will be debited directly to your credit card.

Complimentary chauffer service to and from Muscat international airport, thrice a year. click here for more details. *

Meethaq Hafawa
Visa Signature Credit Card

​​Hand-picked selection of elite services for truly memorable experiences developed exclusively for Signature cardholders, this complimentary service employs a network of world-class resources to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Includes:
  • Retail and personal

    Flower and gift delivery, news, courier, wedding and life event management, domestic services

  • Travel

    Information and reservation of air travel, hotel, chauffeur service, car hire, holidays

  • Entertainment

    Information and reservation on international restaurants, golf courses, yacht charter, hospitality and event ticketing service

  • Business

    Business and reservation, language interpretation

  • To avail Premium Concierge services, please call 80074191

Meethaq Hafawa
Visa Signature Credit Card

Purchase Security/Extended Warranty*

Hafawa Visa Signature cardholders will be provided coverage against accidental damage or loss of purchase, this includes internet purchases and items which have been ordered online to send as gifts. The coverage is valid for 90 days from the purchase date indicated on the store receipt. In addition, extended warranty is also provided to Hafawa Visa Signature cardholders.

*​​​Conditions apply.​

To view the complete range of available facilities on Hafawa Visa Signature Credit Card such as purchase protection, extended warranty and travel benefits, please visit​​

Meethaq Hafawa
Visa Signature Credit Card

  • Exclusive discount at a range of merchants across all categories including retail, and dining.
  • Worldwide acceptance at more than 30 million locations.
  • 24-hour customer service for all banking needs, including blocking of card if it is lost/stolen/misplaced.
  • One-Time-Password (OTP) security service provided to you when you are transacting online.
  • Zero-liability for charges incurred on the debit card following a reported loss and a written confirmation of the same to the bank.
  • Quick and efficient local and international money transfers.
  • SMS alerts.
  • Upto 52-days profit-free credit period.
  • Supplementary cards for family members over 18 years of age.
  • With Meethaq supplementary credit card you can stay in control of your family expenses while giving them the financial freedom.
  • Meethaq supplementary credit card holders can enjoy many benefits.
  • Exclusive 2-for-1 offers at your favorite dining and fitness outlets with the new app xperience with the Entertainer. This is a Visa specific offer. Meethaq  shall not bear any risk or responsibility of these offers. Click here​ for more details on the xperience with the ENTERTAINER App and related offers.

* Waiver of Ujrah fee is at the full discretion of the bank and is on a nonnegotiable basis.

Easy Installment Plans​

Buy now, pay later with no-​​extras - Get the privilege of paying for your purchases over a period of 12 months, at over a number of participating merchants.​

Meethaq Hafawa
Visa Signature Credit Card

​​Over 900 luxury hotels around the world available to you with value added benefits
  • Guaranteed Best Available rate
  • Automatic Room Upgrade upon arrival*
  • Free in-room Internet or Valet parking
  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast
  • 3pm check-out*
  • VIP Guest status
  • Free Food & Beverage Voucher
  • ​*​ Benefits available for bookings made only through

Meethaq Hafawa
Visa Signature Credit Card

Annual / Ujrah Fee*
Annual Fee: OMR 100 
(No annual fee for existing Hafawa Customers)
Ujrah Fee*: OMR 35 ( Fee waiver on first month not applicable)

Supplementary Card Annual Fee

OMR 30

(No annual fee for existing Hafawa Customers)​

Cash Advance Fee

OMR 2.5 per transaction

Card Replacement (lost or stolen)

OMR 10

Overdue Penalty or Late Payment Fee**
1% per annum​​​​

Charge Slip Retrieval Fee or Copy Request Fee


Minimum Amount Due

5% OR 20 OMR​ (whichever is higher)​​​

Ujrah Fee Waiver
May be granted upon consistent settlement and payment of full outstanding balance on due date​​
Cash Advance Limit

50% of the credit limit​

Maximum Cash Withdrawal per Transaction

OMR 100​

* The Ujrah Fee will be divided into 12-month installments payable by the customer with a one-off payment in the first month after the activation of the card.
** All amounts paid for Penalty / Late Payment fee will be used for charitable purposes as approved by Meethaq Shariah Supervisory Board and shall not be accounted as bank’s income.
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