Meethaq Lulu
Credit Card

Enjoy shopping with great rewards

The lifestyle you have always desired is now within your reach with privileges and incredible rewards. Enjoy exclusive benefits, including 2% reward points every time you utilize your Card at Lulu Hypermarket in Oman the Sultanate.

  • Omani employees in government and approved private sector companies with a minimum service period of 3 months and a minimum salary of OMR 250*
  • Resident employees in government and approved private sector companies with a minimum service period of 3 months and a minimum salary of OMR 500*
  • Omanis and residents with a fixed deposit in Meethaq

*Conditions Apply​​

Documents Required:
  • Application Form​
  • National ID for Omanis and Passport & Resident Card for Residents.
  • Salary Certificate or if the customer has an existing Fixed Deposit with the Bank​

Key terms & conditions​
  • Subscription & Annual Fee: The subscription fee is the membership fee that is taken when the Card is first given to the customer and the annual fee is the fee taken every year for the renewal of your membership.
  • The grace period (Up to 52 days): The period that the bank gives the customer to re-pay the outstanding balance on the Credit Card without charging any fees.
  • Minimum Amount: The minimum amount you are required to pay on or before the payment due date to not be charged Ujrah and late payment fees.
  • Ujrah Fees: If you pay less than your full outstanding balance on the payment due date, a fixed Ujrah fees is applied. The Ujrah fees depends on the card type.
  • Late Payment Fee: Late payment fees of 1% p.a. of the outstanding amount is charged when the minimum payment due has not been paid. 
  • Cash Advance/withdrawal: means cash withdrawal from any Card limit/account at any of the designated branches of The Bank, or participating branches of Member Banks or designated ATMs. Cash Advance Fee is charged on every cash withdrawal transaction from any ATM.
  • Card Replacement Fee will be charged when the customer requests a replacement for the credit card.
  • Foreign Exchange Conversion Fee is applied to the amount of each transaction when customers use their Cards internationally.​​

Meethaq Lulu
Credit Card

  • Earn 2% of your purchases as a reward at Lulu Hypermarket, plus exclusive offers from Lulu.
  • Earn 0.5% of your purchases as a reward when using your card at other local merchants.
  • Up to 52 days free credit period.
  • E-Pin for added security and flexibility.
  • Secure Internet shopping via online OTP service.
  • 24-hour ATM Cash Advance facility.
  • Supplementary cards for family members over 18 years of age.
  • With Meethaq supplementary credit card you can stay in control of your family expenses while giving them the financial freedom.
  • Meethaq supplementary credit card holders can enjoy many benefits.

Meethaq Lulu
Credit Card

Enjoy hundreds of complimentary offers throughout Middle East & Africa across fine dining, premium spas or activities such as:

  • ​Complimentary main menu item when one main menu item is purchased.
  • 800+ offers available across multiple countries.
  • Unlimited redemptions / usage on all offers.
  • For details visit:

Meethaq Lulu
Credit Card

​Travel should always feel like a privilege, and with access to some regional airport lounges it sure does. As a Titanium Mastercard cardholder you receive:

• Unlimited, complimentary access for you to over 10 lounges* in UAE, KSA, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt.

• Access to business facilities email, internet, phones, fax machines, and conference space in some lounges.

• Complimentary refreshments and snacks. For details visit: click here

* Lounge T&Cs apply. Guests will be charged. Cardholder is responsible for checking any receipts (physical or electronic) for accuracy before signing as fees may be charged.

Meethaq Lulu
Credit Card

​Discounted chauffeur rides with Careem*

Now when you travel across countries in the Middle East with your Titanium MasterCard, you can enjoy 20% off 3 rides every month.
For details click here

Car Rental Discounts Avis*

Whether you are traveling with your family or on a business trip, enjoy exclusive benefits with Avis. With your Titanium MasterCard, you can now enjoy:

• 15% off your next car rental

• A complimentary upgrade with every rental, worldwide. For details click here

Take advantage of MasterCard credit card deals and discounts at home and abroad across Dining, Shopping, Travel, Stay, Spas and more.

*Benefits are provided from MasterCard

Meethaq Lulu
Credit Card

Annual / Ujrah Fee*
Annual Fee: OMR 10
Ujrah Fee*: OMR 15 ( Fee waiver on first month not applicable)​
Supplementary Card Annual Fee


Cash Advance Fee

OMR 2.5 per transaction

Card Replacement (lost or stolen)

OMR 10

Overdue Penalty or Late Payment Fee**

1% per annum​​​​

Charge Slip Retrieval Fee or Copy Request Fee


Minimum Amount Due

5% or OMR 20 (whichever is higher)

Ujrah Fee Waiver

May be granted upon consistent settlement and payment of full outstanding balance on due date​

Cash Advance Limit

​50% of the credit limit​

Maximum Cash Withdrawal per Transaction

OMR 100​

* The Ujrah Fee will be divided into 12-month installments payable by the customer with a one-off payment in the first month after the activation of the card.
** All amounts paid for Penalty / Late Payment fee will be used for charitable purposes as approved by Meethaq Shariah Supervisory Board and shall not be accounted as bank’s income.

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