Whistleblower policy

Meethaq Islamic Banking from Bank Muscat is committed to practice the Bank’s corporate values and governance. we strive to portray the highest levels of integrity and accountability. To set the benchmark and be a good corporate citizen and provide a positive and healthy work environment, Meethaq has an implemented whistleblower policy, to ensure that customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders trust that it practises the highest level of ethical conduct in all banking operations. The policy highlights the procedures, confidentiality and actions to be taken in the improbable event of misconduct or illegal behavior is reported.

What is whistleblowing?

“Whistleblowing” means reporting any suspicion of corrupt, illegal or unethical conduct that may occur within the organisation. whistleblowing can be reported by customers, employees, partners, contractors or stakeholders in a confidential and anonymous manner through the identified channels mentioned below.

Meethaq whistleblower policy

The purpose of the Meethaq’s whistleblower policy is to encourage stakeholders to let the Meethaq know when someone may not be doing the right thing, and to report unacceptable behaviour. The aim of the policy is to offer a reporting mechanism that is objective, confidential and independent, thus making the whistleblower feel confident about raising concerns. In order to prevent the abuse of this policy, false allegations or frivolous claims will not be entertained.

Types of unacceptable behaviour that can be reported via the whistleblower channels:

  • Conduct which is unethical, illegal, dishonest, fraudulent or corrupt
  • Acts resulting in miscarriage of justice
  • A material or persistent breach of the bank’s rules of conduct or internal policies
  • Manipulating product sales to achieve targets or incentives
  • Accepting incentives from other persons, both inside or outside the bank, in return for giving any business on beneficial terms
  • Maintaining improper financial accounting, reporting and auditing standards
  • Harassment, discrimination, victimization and bullying
  • Unsafe work practices, environmental or health risks

The whistleblower hotline contact numbers and email:

  • Toll free number within the Sultanate of Oman: 80078822
  • For international calls: 0096824767576 - (international charges are applicable)
  • Email: whistleblower[a]bankmuscat.com

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