December 2018
Dear Hafawa Customer,

Airport Lounge Access – Hafawa Signature Cards: Gives you an exclusive entry to over 800 airport lounges around the world.
According to the new procedures from Visa, customers are required to follow the steps mentioned below to benefit from the airport lounge access.

  1. Annual visits (from 1st January 2019)
  2. 12 complimentary visits per annum to over 800 airport lounges worldwide on Signature cards.
    The first visit at Muscat Airport Lounge will be complementary, however the remaining 11 visits would be complimentary ONLY once you do an International or Online Transaction.

  3. International or Online Transaction:
  4. Any International POS transaction (including face to face, ecommerce, MOTO or recurring) or Online transaction of a minimum of USD 1 yearly is required to be eligible for the lounge program.
    In case you do not meet the eligibility criteria then you will bear the cost of the visits until the minimum USD 1 international transaction is done.
    Each year the customer needs to perform an Online or International transaction of USD 1 to be eligible to avail the complimentary airport lounge access. Kindly note spend may take up to 15 days to register with LoungeKey for the customer to be able to access the lounge as a complimentary visit
    To view available lounges, please visit LoungeKey website by click here or download the LoungeKey smartphone app

  5. Applicable cards:
  6. Hafawa Signature Credit Card, click here for details
    Hafawa Signature Debit Card, click here for details

Kind Regards,
Meethaq Hafawa Priority Banking Team

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