General Information for Meethaq Credit Cards​​​

Key Features

  • Shariah Compliant Credit Card based on the concept of Ujrah.​
  • Avail up to 52 days of free credit period.​​
  • Providing a credit limit up to:
Credit Card Type Visa Gold Visa Platinum Visa Signature Mastercard Lulu
Max Limit RO 999 RO 2,499 RO 7,500 RO 1,250

Easy Payment Plan providing an option to buy now, pay later at selected merchants.


  • A minimum salary of 250 OMR for Omanis and 500 OMR for expatriates. A higher minimum salary may be required depending on the employer tier.
  • The customer's salary must be transferred to their Meethaq account.
  • In the absence of salary transfer, the credit card can be availed based on marking lien on customer's deposit.
  • Maximum Debt Burden Ratio for Credit Card is 50% and 60% for the customers with home finance. For Pensioners, the debt burden is reduced to 30% for credit card and 40% for the customers with home finance.
  • The customer should be between the ages of 18 – 60 years to apply for the credit card. The pensioners can apply for the credit card up to the age of 70 years.
  • The Bank will assess the documents provided by the customer and may decline the credit card application based on other eligibility criteria.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges type Visa Gold Visa Platinum Visa Signature Mastercard Lulu
Annual/Joining Fee: Primary Card RO 10.5 RO 52.5 RO 105* RO 10.5
Annual/Joining Fee: Supplementary RO 5.25 RO 5.25 RO 31.5 RO 5.25
Ujrah Fee** RO 7 RO 14 RO 35 RO 15

*Joining & Annual Fee for Visa Signature card is not charged to Hafawa customers.
**Ujrah fee may be waived in case the customer makes 100% payment of the due amount within the due date as per the sole discretion of the Bank

  • Cash Withdrawal Fee/Transaction: RO 2.625
  • Late Payment Fee: 1% p.a on the overdue amount
  • Minimum Amount Due: 5% of outstanding or RO 20 (whichever is higher)
  • Forex Conversion Rate: 2.5%

Other Terms and Conditions

  • The use of the card is restricted to the cardholder under the name printed on the card.
  • Each issued card will have an expiry date; however, the card will be automatically renewed upon expiry subject to the discretion of the Bank.
  • A card statement listing the transactions billed to the card shall be sent to the cardholder monthly or at such intervals as the Bank may deem fit on the statement date.
  • The Bank shall use its best endeavors to pre-notify the customer of any amendments to the Terms and Conditions by way of SMS to the customer's registered mobile number or e-mail to the customer's registered e-mail address or upload to the Bank's website.​

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