Meethaq Standard
Mastercard Credit Card

A card to make your everyday easy

Meethaq Standard
Mastercard Credit Card

A card to make your everyday easy

Be it traveling, shopping or dining, the Meethaq Standard Visa Credit Card gives you flexibility and convenience of being welcome at millions of locations around the world. The Shariah-compliant Credit Card is based on the concept of Ujrah with no profit-based fees.

Meethaq Standard
Mastercard Credit Card

  • Shariah compliant: The card is based on Shariah principles. Based on a fixed Ujrah Fee levied by Meethaq in exchange of the total services, features, benefits and privileges enjoyed by the cardholders. The credit limit granted by the bank to the cardholder is based on Qardh al Hasan.
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Secure internet shopping with personal password/secure code
  • One-Time-Password (OTP) security service provided to you when you are transacting online.
  • Mastercard Global Service: Emergency services such as Lost or Stolen Card Reporting and Emergency Card Replacement are provided anytime, anywhere:
    • Call Center - 24656666
    • MasterCard Helpline - 0016367227111
  • Supplementary cards for family members over 18 years of age
  • SMS Alerts & Monthly Statements​
  • Upto 52-days profit-free credit period.
  • Supplementary cards for family members over 18 years of age.
  • With Meethaq supplementary credit card you can stay in control of your family expenses while giving them the financial freedom.
  • Meethaq supplementary credit card holders can enjoy many benefits.

Meethaq Standard
Mastercard Credit Card

Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

Buy now, pay later with no-extras - Get the privilege of paying for your purchases over a period of 12 months, at over a number of participating merchants.

Meethaq Standard
Mastercard Credit Card

Annual / Ujrah Fee*

​​OMR 84 divided over 12 Months

  • Month 1: OMR 17 (fee waiver not applicable)
  • Month 2 to 12: OMR 7 (fee waiver may apply)
Supplementary Joining Fee
OMR 5​
Cash Advance Fee

OMR 2.5 per transaction

Card Replacement (lost or stolen)

OMR 10​

Overdue Penalty or Late Payment Fee**

1% per annum​

Charge slip Retrieval Fee or Copy Request Fee

​OMR 2

Minimum Amount Due

5% or OMR 20 whichever is higher​

Ujrah Fee Waiver

May be granted upon consistent settlement and payment of full outstanding balance on due date​

Cash Advanced Limit

20% of the credit limit

* The Ujrah Fee will be divided into 12-month installments payable by the customer with a one-off payment in the first month after the activation of the card.
** All amounts paid for Penalty / Late Payment fee will be used for charitable purposes as approved by Meethaq Shariah Supervisory Board and shall not be accounted as bank’s income.